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“With Allevo we were able to align and integrate ten manufacturing plants – some using different ERP systems – and cut our planning cycle by 60-65%, delivering significant savings and greatly improved planning and reporting quality.”

John Rendo, ControllerCarlisle Interconnect Technologies

“We found Allevo to be extremely flexible, and their staff highly knowledgeable about all things SAP. With Allevo, we were able to cut our planning cycle time in half, delivering 4-5 times the savings we saw from any other solution alternative.”

Nick Lizarraga, BI AnalystFruit Growers Supply Company

“The Allevo project went very well and the results exceeded expectations in just about every category. The resulting solution was so effective – and yet intuitive and easy-to-use – it turned even hardcore skeptics into advocates.”

Richard Gray, Manager, Head of Cost AccountingMAHLE

“We were able to successfully move our gross profit and expense budget processes from many spreadsheets into the Allevo SAP module. Our historical and master data is now connected directly to our budget steps. We can review multiple scenarios easily and post the final budget to the native SAP tables. The Allevo team is responsive in assisting with questions and process improvements.”

Todd Rhodes, Corporate ControllerFabri-Kal Corporation

“In 2015 NV Gebe consulted Kern Americas for professional assistance in a planning software.
The goal was to simplify the tedious process of maintaining numerous spreadsheets while producing the corporate company and water budget in a timely manner. Also the company did not prefer to invest a tremendous amount of funds into a budget software.
Kern Americas introduced the program Allevo specifically for the company’s planning process.
The information and organization of the initial presentation was eye catching and mind-blowing. From the start it was clear that Allevo was the way to go. The program was transparent and easy to work with. It combined data across multiple spreadsheets and also retrieved info from the SAP module in an effective and efficient way, through company codes, GL accounts, cost centers, orders etc.
The number of spreadsheets in Excel is safely reduced to just a few effective ones. Comparing data has become easier. The information is gathered first into 3 spreadsheets and posted into SAP which does all the necessary calculations. Budget compared to actuals are comfortably at hand for every month needed. It is now possible to do monthly budgeting.
As Allevo is SAP compatible the possibilities are limitless. In addition Allevo was very cost effective and did not run the organization into millions of USD. It is the solution for companies tied to a small budget.
To date it is not necessary for us to implement another planning software. The quality of online assistance, to solve a problem is quite satisfying. I just sent an email and shortly after I get a response with explicit guiding steps to solve the issue. All issues I encountered so far where solved in a speedy manner. The knowhow of the consultants are remarkable.
I must say that I am quite content with this program and looking forward to other Allevo implementations.”

Ms. Drs. Rita Aikman, Budget & Cost Control AnalystNV Gebe Sint Maarten

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