The leading SAP Planning Solution Offering Unrivaled Performance, Flexibility, and Ease-of-Use

Allevo is a powerful, yet flexible and easy-to-use solution for enterprise financial planning, forecasting, and reporting

Allevo is the leading planning, analysis, and reporting solution for SAP users. Offering unrivaled performance, flexibility, and ease-of-use, Allevo is in use by over 250 companies wordwide.

Allevo offers the best value in the marketplace and is generally implemented within 30 days or less, thereby minimizing project risk and delivering rapid results that ensure ROI.

Learn more at and let us show you how easy effective corporate planning can be with the right tools!

Case Studies

CarlisleIT’s monthly rolling forecast as well as quarterly / annual planning required more time than feasible due to poor data integration across disparate systems.

The need to aggregate data from multiple systems (SAP and Hyperion primarily), align it structurally, improve data quality, standardize worksheets, create unified, consistent processes, and the desire to output consistent planning and reporting documents that share common templates and format provided further impetus.

Corporate Controlling owned the project, which involved over 20 stakeholder participants. The solution went live in November 2015.after about 8 weeks.

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Fruit Growers Supply Company requires very detailed, time-consuming and resource-intensive Cost- as well as CO-PA planning. Previously, their manual planning process did not provide the degree of data access and transparency required for senior management to make truly informed decisions.

Additionally, their eight business areas and numerous locations struggled to harmonize and consolidate financial data, while ensuring alignment across the organization.

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MAHLE North America had been struggling with an ineffective, manual planning process for years. But, the pain was diffused across multiple departments, plants and locations, and no one department tracked the entire process. The poor outcomes were not directly visible, and there was no clear process owner. Sound familiar?

MAHLE’s previous planning process was arduous, fragmented, and relied on manual workarounds. The different planning approaches and spreadsheets in use across departments, plants and divisions made
consolidation and integration difficult. Getting timely access to data – both actual and plan – was difficult and painful and there was little transparency. Confidence in data was correspondingly low. Forecasting detail and accuracy needed to improve.

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